Here, I am disclosing some of my interesting (Huh !?!!) inventions and discoveries along with some of my futuristic inventive ideas. If you have a better idea than mine, please PATENT it before I come to know of it. (ha ha ha! but I mean it ok?)

Mobile Phone based Portable Oscilloscope

Febraury 2010 Mobile phones with high resolution big screens have started to appear in the market for affordable prices. I am wondering if electronics engineering like me could use the mobile phone's screen as a compact oscilloscope to visualize signals in electronic circuit boards. The mobile phone can be fitted with a USB gadgets through the USB data port, where the gadget could be designed to acquire several analog and digital signals at reasonable sampling rate or bit rate. Depending upon the bandwidth of the USB adapter circuitry of the mobile phone, the oscilloscope could support upto several Mhz of signaling. A data acquisition gadget could be developed with minimal hardware as USB controllers are available freely and with economic price tags. This gadget also needs a driver code on the mobile phone side and the visualization front end code, which could developed in any high level language decided by the SDK of the mobile phone.

Disinfectant Dispenser

January 2010 I have seen people mixing disinfectants like Dettol in their bathing water when they take bucket water bathing. I was wondering if one could get a dispenser where I could attached a liquid disinfectant to the fitting that connects the geyser to the shower. The fixture could be a venturi based device which could suck droplets of disinfectant due to the back pressure developed at the venturi when the shower is opened. Also, the venturi based design needs to be supplimented with a non-return valve to connect to the dispenser such that the dispenser only gets drained and the water does not get pumped in to the dispenser container. Sounds like a simple design, but don't know when I would see this as a product. Ofcourse, the same idea could be used to have a soap solution dispensed in the shower.

Turbo Charger to Motorbikes

December 2009 I ride a royal enfield thunderbird which takes in a lot of air to ensure lean burning of the fuel and hence to provide better mileage without compromising power delivery. Lately, I had fitted a K&N replacement filter to feed the engine with more litres of clean air to improve on the performance. But, it does not give the best power that I would like it to give. There is a performance filter version of K&N filter, which I am not keen enough. Because that filter is a conical venturi based filter which needs to be fitted exposed outside. If there is a rain, the filter is ruined for ever. Alternately, the idea of Turbo charger excited me. It should be relatively easy to get a DC motor powered air blower which can be fitted in the input charge manifold of the engine. Currently, the input charge intake is proportional to the suction capacity of the cylinder. If I were to use a blower, I can charge the cylinder with compressed air-fuel mixture, which can ensure more air for the complete combustion of the fuel and hence better power delivery and torque. The air filter compartment of Thunderbirdy is exposed to atmosphere at the backside of it. It should be possible to procure a better flow-rated blower and attached that to the inlet of the air-filter compartment.

Horoscope Plugin for Candidate Search

August 2009 I attempted to learn horoscope charting several years back, where I learnt the assertion on the effect of planetary positions on human life style. Based on the current planetery positions, it is theoritically possible to predict the auspiciousness of the "udhyoga stanam" in the chart. Employers, who search for candidates to a particular opportunity could use this extra information to short list the candidate modeled around the horoscope feature. Based on the horoscope, the employer could decide the compatibility of the candidate with the institution and management, which could prove very useful in discovering long and strong employer-employee relationships.

Laptop w/GSM Sim

October 2007 Sooner or later, we will have most of us carrying a personal laptops or a computer in anyother handy form. Having multiple devices with redundant functionalities would become a headache and we will have products with integrated functionalities. One such is, Laptops integrated with GSM/CDMA/XYZ Simcards and Bluetooth headset extensions. One can make calls over the integrated Simcard through the Bluetooth headset with much ease.

Split PC

October 2007 In a Desktop PC, most of us face a problem of finding a place to keep the CPU cabinet. If you think, we are using only a few sq.inches of the cabinet for interfacing, viz multimedia sockets, usb, video, kbd/mouse, dvd, serial port. If we visualize a PC as two pieces, 1) the computing system and 2) the interface and split the PC accordingly, we could be greatly benefitted. The proposal is to have a small interface device that contain all the interface ports and is duly connected to the computing system by OFC. So we may keep the computing system somewhere else and have only the interface device near the computer-user. One immediate advantage is A/C cost can be greatly reduced as we more the heat sources (processing system) out of people where the interfaces are found.

Helmets w/BT Stereo

April 2007 Many of the regular bikers have a handfree plugged to their ears inside their helmets. I am one in that. I had tried before to integrate a stereo headphone inside my helmet with an headphone amplifier powered by my bike battery. The problem was it was a wired headphone inside the helmet. Sooner or later, there will be helmets with integrated bluetooth stereo headphones for listening to music and also to pickup calls on the ride, effortlessly!