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Solar Panel Structure Design

July 17th, 2011 No comments

This was the original design of the solar panel mounting structure.  Later, I had simplified the design and fabricated them at the local metal fabricators.  Please click on the images to open the big sized drawing.

Pole that would hold the weight of a heavy solar panel over a base structure (not shown).

Hinge design that would transfer the weight from the base structure to the pole, with one degree of freedom.

சூரிய ஒளி மின்சாரம் (Solar Electricity)

July 10th, 2011 5 comments

The completed Solar Panel mount structure.

Bottom side view of the panel.  The Panel is fully resting on the Iron frame constructed in the nearby fabrication shop based on my design.

This is my assistant Aakash, the boy next door.  He has been my aide for all the mechanical and automobile works.

The base frame of 30″ x 21″ with the center piece at 15″.

The base frame from perspective projection.  The center piece is a 5″ x 2″ 10mm plate welded at the center.  The holes are 10mm diameter drilled at 1″ and 3″ from the top and centered.

The main load bearing vertical pole measuring approx 2m and 2″ diameter.  The base plate is 6″ in horizontal length and 6″ on vertical depths.  The holes are 1/2″ and drilled at 3″ and 5″.

This is the solar panel bought from Akshaya Solar Pvt Ltd, AP.  The panel is rated 12v 70w and of dimension 1200mm x 21″ and weighting approximately 5kg.

The swing arm connecting the base frame and vertical pole.  The holes are 10 mm diameter and punched at 1″ and 3″ from the top.  The bottom pipe is 2.25″ diameter and about 5″ long.  The cross bolt is 0.5″ diameter.  This swing arm mounts on the pole on one side and attached to the base frame on the other side.  The base frame is pivoted on the top hole with swing setting using one of the 3 bottom holes.  The positions are provided to compensate of uttrayanam (north bound sun movement) and dakshanayanam (south bound sun’s movement).

The bottom link of the vertical pole.  This U link attaches to the parapet wall, which is 6″ is width and the cross bolts pass through the wall to lock the vertical plates.  The horizontal and the vertical plates are 6″x2″ and 10mm in thickness.

These are the bolts used.  The 1″ (4 nos) bolts are used to secure the solar panel on the base frame.  The 1.5″ bolts are used to secure the base frame to the swing arm.  The 4″ bolt is used to secure the swing arm to the vertical pole and the 8″ bolts are the bolts to secure the entire unit on the parapet wall by passing through the wall.

Ramanashramam going Green

May 20th, 2011 No comments

Ramanashramam is probably the first bigger house that I know of and that’s open for public going GREEN on electricity usage.  The ashram management has enforced usage of LED fixtures as a replacement for incandescent bulbs and CFLs.  They have meticulously changed the focus lamps, 4″ tubes, roof lamps, flood lights, etc to power LED based fixtures despite their initial costs.  A most welcomed gesture to save the planet!

Pizza Hut, Taylor’s Road

May 13th, 2011 3 comments

This is the scenario at Taylor’s Road, Kilpauk where Pizza Hut using Taylor’s Road as it’s private and permanent parking lot.  Although that is the lane allowed for parking by the Traffic police, it is not justified to occupy the public place for private parking!  This what the North Indians say as “Yeh desh mey sab chalega!”.

Another interesting observation that could be made is that, a bicycle is being used for delivering pizzas.  Taylor’s road Pizza hut uses Bajaj Platina as it’s preferred delivery vehicle.  But, today while having tea at the corner shop, I notice a bicycle parked (see the picture) which had the pizza cabinet fitted in the carrier.  I think, to combat hiking petrol prices, Pizza hut has decided to use bicycle for short distance deliveries, a very well welcomed idea, a green implementation too!


May 23rd, 2010 No comments

OWS Spark plugs: These tiny fireworks are made with Iridium tips that ensure the fireworks with great health quotient for a long long time.  We call it the life-time plug.  Fit it & forget it; of course the mechanic will clean it when you give your car for servicing! 🙂
Lately, my car that is a Getz GVS 1.1 petrol, was treated with Bardahl engine flush and supplements; Bardahl transmission concentrate; Bardahl engine oil.  After this treatment, the engine was sluggish due to the very-high viscosity of the Bardahl treatment.  When I consulted with the service people, they promised that the performance would become much better once the Bardahl becomes little lighter.  I drove the car for a thousand kilometers and could see some improvements in the way the engine responded but not satisfied at all.

Then, I fitted the Green Cotton replacement filter, which was purchased from to my car.  The response of the engine started to become better but not the best.  I took a ride for about 900 km which included about 80 km hill driving. The ride proved that the free flow cotton filter is indeed working good. 

Following that, I got the OWS Iridium plugs (4 nos) from  Oh My God, the car was never responsive before like now.  I could feel the pickup boosted whenever I put my foot on the accelerator.  The 3rd gear response of the engine has become pretty awesome.  I am really enjoying this now.

Green Cotton Filter: Rs 4200 [got online from, Cochin]
OWS Spark plugs: Rs 755 x 4 = Rs 3050 [Speedworks, Next to Eldorado building, Nungambakkam high Rd, Chennai]