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Electrical resistance of Kundan, Orbit insulated wires

October 3rd, 2017 No comments

When the electrical resistance of the copper cable is high, the possibility of power loss is higher leading to heating and melting of cables.  So, I decided to measure the actual resistance of commercially available electrical cables with three different cross-sectional areas.

1 1.57 Ω @ 30℃
Kundan 1.8 Ω
Orbit 1.8 Ω
2.5 0.628 Ω @ 30℃
Kundan 0.7 Ω
Orbit 0.9 Ω
4 0.392 Ω @ 30℃
Kundan 0.6 Ω
Orbit 0.7 Ω

From the analysis, “Kundan” seems a better choice.