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What are the things which a computer engineer should know about?

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Answer by Sudarsun Santhiappan:

When you are an engineer, you are expected to "know" everything about your field.  This means, you are not limited by the training you undergo, but how much can you stretch beyond that point to become comprehensive enough.  Typically, an engineer is someone who can solve real life problems pertaining to engineering.  If you cannot solve problems, you better not call yourself an engineer, but a person with a printed engineering degree.

The following story was an advertisement in Pudiya Thalaimurai Tamil News Channel:

"A very proud rich father and his mechanical engineer gold medalist son were travelling back from the city to their village.  On their way back, the car breaks down and the driver tries to fix it.  After some time, the driver bails out saying that he had to the nearby town to pick a mechanic.  The proud father intervenes the driver, pointing his eyes on his gold medalist son, said; we have a gold medalist in the car, why would we need a mechanic from outside.  The son looked perplexed and pleads to his father that this problem was not taught in his education!!"

You see, the expectation from the society and family is that you should be able to solve any problems pertaining to your field.  So, you better be serving them rightfully, atleast in terms of attempting to solve the problem.

What are the things which a computer engineer should know about?