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How does an engineering graduate get into the field of data science?

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Answer by Shimonee Shah:

List of Analytics Companies in India

Find below an exhaustive list of general (having broader presence across various industry verticals) as well as niche analytics companies that have presence in India. The list also outlines their specializations and websites.

List of Analytics Consulting Companies in India (Consulting, KPO, & IT)

  1. Mu-Sigma (Sales, Marketing, Supply Chain, and Risk Analytics) –
  2. IBM Analytics (General – serves broad areas) –IBM Analytics – Overview – United States
  3. LatentView (Marketing, Risk, Customer Management) –Page on
  4. HCL Technologies (General – serves broad areas) –Business Analytics
  5. Accenture (General – serves broad areas) – Analytics – Accenture
  6. Genpact Analytics (acquired Symphony Technology Group) (General – serves broad areas) – Analytics Consulting Services & Outsourcing, MDM Solutions
  7. Cognizant Analytics (General – serves broad areas) –Enterprise Information Management | Cognizant Technology Solutions
  8. TCS Analytics (General – serves broad areas) –Analytics & Insights Services
  9. Wipro Analytics (General – serves broad areas) –Analytics Solutions, Enterprise Analytics Solutions, Information Management Solutions
  10. McKinsey Analytics Knowledge Centre (General – serves broad areas) –Analytics
  11. Deloitte Analytics (General – serves broad areas) –Deloitte Analytics
  12. PwC Analytics (General – serves broad areas) –Technology forecast: All issues
  13. AbsolutData (Consumer Behavior Analytics) –
  14. Fractal Analytics (Customer Loyalty, Operations) –
  15. iCreate (Banking Analytics) –
  16. Dunhumby (Retail Analytics) –
  17. Global Analytics (Credit Risk, Financial, Lending) –
  18. Manhattan Systems (Retail Analytics)
  19. Capillary Technologies (Retail Analytics) –
  20. Nabler (Online Retail Analytics) –
  21. Activecubes (Sales, Marketing, Supply Chain, Operations) –ACTIVECUBES
  22. ICRA Technology Services (General – serves broad areas) –ICRA Techno Analytics Ltd.
  23. WNS Analytics (acquired Marketics) (Marketing, Consumer Behavior Analytics) –WNS – Analytics Outsourcing
  24. Opera Solutions (General – serves broad areas) –
  25. Data Monitor (General – serves broad areas) –
  26. Ipsos (Marketing Analytics) – Ipsos – Nobody's unpredictable
  27. EXL Services (acquired Inductis) (General – focuses on broad areas) –
  28. Meritus (Marketing, Customer Analytics) –
  29. Modelytics (Financial, Lending, Collections, Recovery, Retail Banking) –The Customer Value Management Company
  30. Bridge i2i Analytics (Behavioral Modeling & Resource Planning) –
  31. Cytel (Clinical & Pharma Analytics) – Page on
  32. Neural Techsoft (Financial & Risk Analytics) –
  33. Vehere Interactive (Telecom, Financial) – Page on
  34. Aegis Global (General – focuses on broad areas) –Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), Contact Center Services Provider across India
  35. Datamatics (Financial, Insurance) –Business Intelligence Analytics, Solutions, Services & Benefits of Business Intelligence
  36. Marketelligent (CPG, Finance, Telecom Analytics) –CPG, CRM, Telecom, Media & Consumer Finance Analytics
  37. TNS Global (Marketing Analytics) –
  38. NettPositive Analytics (Marketing, Credit Risk Analytics) –
  39. Affine Analytics (Marketing Analytics) –
  40. EVALUESERVE (Financial, Life Sciences Analytics) –

List of captive analytics companies/units of large banks, financial organizations and retailers in India:

  1. HSBC Analytics (Banking, Risk) –
  2. Citi Bank Analytics (Banking, Risk) –…
  3. Nomura Analytics (Banking, Risk) –Our opportunities
  4. American Express (Banking, Risk) –https://businessinsights.america…
  5. Fidelity Analytics (Banking, Risk) –Fidelity Growth Partners India
  6. GE Capital (Financial, Risk) –
  7. RBS Business Services (Financial, Risk) –…
  8. Barclays Shared Services (Financial, Risk) –http://www.barclayssharedservice…
  9. Target Analytics (Retail Analytics) – Page on
  10. Spencer Analytics (Retail Analytics) –
  11. Amazon Analytics (Online Retail Analytics, Web Analytics) –
  12. Dell Analytics (Online Retail Analytics, Web Analytics) –Information Technology jobs in Bangalore, India at Dell
  13. HP Analytics (Online Retail Analytics, Web Analytics) –hpindiacareers Resources and Information. This website is for sale!
  14. eBay / PayPal (Online Retail Analytics, Web Analytics) –… /
  15. Experian India (Financial, Credit Risk, Fraud Analytics) –
  16. Fair Isaac India (Financial, Credit Risk, Fraud Analytics) –Page on
  17. Dun & Bradstreet (Financial, Credit Risk, Fraud Analytics) –

Compiled by the Analytics Career Centre Team at Ivy Professional School Source: Ivy Professional School | Official Blog – Analytics, Actuarial, IT Security, Ethical Hacking

List of Startups

  1. 10 Emerging Analytics Startups – 2014 – Page on
  2. 10 Emerging Analytics Startups – 2013 – Page on
  3. Pykih – pykih data visualization

How does an engineering graduate get into the field of data science?