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Clicking noise from HDD??

April 22nd, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

Have you wondered replaced your hard drives (HDD), when there is “clicking” noise from the HDD?  When you hear that noise, it means the drive is performing a “hard-reset” internally.   I have always thought that the disk is a goner, when there is too much clicking noise from the HDD.

Lately, it was found that when the gave the HDD the 5 pin power cord, the clicking noise is gone.  In general, 4 pin power has <+12v, 0v, 0v, +5> and the 5 pin power cord has an additional 3.3v orange line.  Another discovery recently is that, the clicking noise is gone when I changed the SMPS.  When the SMPS is over loaded or so, I think it is not able to supply the current that the HDDs want, which in turn makes the HDDs to perform a hard reset internally.

So, before applying for a replacement HDD, please do try changing the power cord to a 5pin cord and when you cannot try replacing the SMPS.  Typically, when you have lot of devices in your machine, ensure you use a reasonably powerful SMPS to avoid outages.

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