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Solar Panels Orientation for Chennai

December 21st, 2012 No comments
    Chennai’s Lat Lon value is 13° 04′ N 80° 17′ E and Earth’s axis is titled by 23.5°, so for Chennai the maximum Sun’s North-South swing angle is 10°N and 36.5°S.  If you setup the solar panel parallel to the ground, you would see the inclination angle of Sun at 12 noon would be a maximum of 10° to the north during Utthrayanam and a maximum of 36.5° to the south during Dakshinayanam.  So, for stationary solar panel fitments, the panel should be oriented to 13.5° to the south to have an uniform Sun’s inclination angle swing (+23.5° to -23.5°) relative to the solar panel reference line.