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kDevelop 4.2 Debugging

November 7th, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments
    When I was using KDevelop 4.2 for debugging a process, I got perplexed having the inferior application closing down whenever I was setting a breakpoint on the fly.  On the contrary, the breakpoints there were setup before the start of the inferior application, things behave as expected.  With little bit of digging, it is found that whenever a new breakpoint is setup or removed (Toggle Breakpoint), kDevelop inherently issues a SIGINT to the inferior application, which in turn stops the application from debugging.  To handle this problem, setup a signal handler for SIGINT, to consume the Interrupt signal (Ctrl+C, Ctrl+Break).  But once the debugging is over, don’t forget to reset the SIGINT handler.

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