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Three Worlds

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We have been always told by our elders that there are three worlds, the one that we live (earth), the one above us (heaven) and the one below us (hell).  After becoming an elder ourselves, do we still believe that there are three different type of worlds? We have been also instructed that all the gods live in the heaven and all the devils live in hell and likewise all the humans live in earth.  Depending on our deeds, after our death, we could either go to heaven or hell.  Do we still believe in all these statements?  If one could do a little thought work over those statements, it could become apparent that all those are baseless myths.  But, why was such a myth conceived in the first place? 

Let’s first analyze the concept of three worlds.  The key lies in “above us” and “below us” ideology. It was believed that the place we live is a “flat” and unlimited space.  Now, we know that we are living in a spherical space suspended in vacuum space called universe (or multi-verse maybe!).  When we all believed that our living space is flat, the ideology of “above us” and “below us” is a natural thought. Even now, if one thought about the boundaries of the universe, there is no absolute answer, but there are lots of theories.  When humans climbed mountains, they realized that the temperature dropped over increasing altitude.  Likewise, when humans dug deep on earth, they found the temperature to be increasing rapidly.  So, now we know why hell (the world below) is always portrayed as “fire”/”hot” place.  Humans found the celestial activities as depicted on the sky to be very intriguing and scary sometimes.  So, they thought something uncontrollable is up there, which was deemed as a god, to whom every human should submit and fear.
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