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Pizza Hut, Taylor’s Road

This is the scenario at Taylor’s Road, Kilpauk where Pizza Hut using Taylor’s Road as it’s private and permanent parking lot.  Although that is the lane allowed for parking by the Traffic police, it is not justified to occupy the public place for private parking!  This what the North Indians say as “Yeh desh mey sab chalega!”.

Another interesting observation that could be made is that, a bicycle is being used for delivering pizzas.  Taylor’s road Pizza hut uses Bajaj Platina as it’s preferred delivery vehicle.  But, today while having tea at the corner shop, I notice a bicycle parked (see the picture) which had the pizza cabinet fitted in the carrier.  I think, to combat hiking petrol prices, Pizza hut has decided to use bicycle for short distance deliveries, a very well welcomed idea, a green implementation too!
  1. June 8th, 2011 at 13:14 | #1

    Pizza Hut is trying to reduce the global warming and reducing pollution and such ideas are worth using. I think other restaurant should also use this tricks.

  2. June 19th, 2011 at 18:07 | #2

    If pizza hut has so much demand then why they are using a bicycle. This is a shame.

  3. Srsamarthyam
    June 29th, 2011 at 11:04 | #3

    ha ha ha… 🙂 Its enough if we switch off our electric appliances (when we don’t require them), to go green. To keep one 100W appliance running continuously for a year requires approx 0.4 tonnes of coal. All these problems could be overcome by design. 
    Eg. Blend natural light/artificial light as much as possible.
    With regard to automobiles.. only 15% of the fuel is used. The remaining goes to waste/pollution. We need to design efficient engines.. Just imagine if all the automobile engines in the world operate at 60% efficiency, what a difference it would make!!!

    Of course.. this trick is good for certain purposes. We need to feed our engine 😉 if we need to bicycle. That in turn is more efficient.. Nature gives and we give back to nature… (what we consider waste is of more value for nature) Anything from the CO2 we exhale to rotten veggies to meat to dead bodies.. nature will take care of renewing it 🙂

    Just a random scribbling 😉

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