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My First Autobot

January 24th, 2011 No comments

Use Cases

  1. Find power source, remember the location map to optimize search of power sources. (eating). Witricity to be attempted.
  2. Find the sound direction and go to the source of the sound (watching TV, music, etc)
  3. Find light sources and move to that direction (vigilance)
  4. If it is dark everywhere, go to lower power mode (sleep)
  5. Avoid obstacles (walking)
  6. Self test for temperature, current flow, battery strength (fitness check)
  7. Report status to humans only while meeting them (consultation)
  8. Know heights and avoid falling of the floor from steps, tables, sofa, bed, etc. (no jumping)

Sensors needed

  1. Direction sensor
  2. Distance sensor
  3. Temperature sensor
  4. PIR sensor
  5. Odometer
  6. Tachometer
  7. Microphone
  8. IR LEDs and IR sensors
  9. Current sensor
  10. Voltmeters
  11. LDR sensor
  12. RFID


  1. ATMega 16/32 on the Autobot side
  2. AMD Phenom II 550BE on the PC side
  3. Communication over 415MHz ASK or Xbee