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Know the Social Network that’s spun around you

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Social Networks have become a buzz in the contemporary world.  Most of us use them without understanding what they are and what they could do.  Basically, social networks are a platform the enable friends and family to be touch.  A good deal eh? Yes, it started just like that.  It started as a proxy for a pubs, playgrounds, parties where friends hang around.  Instead of going  for meeting a person, these social networks enabled friends to be in touch over instant messaging, blogging, scribbling, sharing pictures and videos by making use of the Internet technology.  This is definitely good, so far.  Do you know what else these social networks could do to you?  Let’s see some possibilities for an arbitrary ‘X’ whom you never know who that is:-
  1. Find your friends.  If you are little dumb, one can easily find your crush, hated ones, and what not.
  2. Find your likes and dislikes based on your messages, scribblings
  3. Know your places of interest based on what you have written about places, pointers on meeting spots that you chose to meet your friends, etc.
  4. Potentially know your neighborhood, by going through your blogs of scribblings about your neighbors or happenings in your vicinity.
  5. Find out what food you eat, and what you are allergic to.
  6. Find out what type of network connection you have, based on your connectivity logs.
  7. Find out paths from friends-of-friends for connecting an arbitrary person to you through your contacts.
  8. Find out which communities you belong to, and hence your social and professional networks
  9. Find out where you work, what your hobbies are.
  10. Find out where you studied, what you studied, what you aspire and where you are heading to; based on your professional community memberships, activity in forums, answers queries, etc.
  11. Find who you would meet, when and where based on your conversations
  12. Find out your mood swings, based on the vocabulary of your conversations
  13. Find out your pictures, and the pictures of the related ones in family and profession.
Remember something, whatever is meant to be private is never private in Social networks or any other electronic 3rd party services for that matter.  I have listed a very brief potential possibilities.  Please use these platform with fullest caution.

One side of the Internet researchers are working on “Internet Anonymization”, an idea to protect one’s identity; on the other hand, Internet giants are pushing “Social Networks” where they build intelligence on the so-called privacy of people.  What a weird world !?!

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