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Tobacco Helps!

October 25th, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments
There is very nice use for tobacco even for the non-smokers!  Most of the LMV, MMV, HMV drivers would know about this  trick, so I am just documenting a world’s secret. 

If you had driven your car on high ways on a rainy day, despite having a nice wiper, you might have had severe problems with water staying on the wind shield glasses.  When the windshield gets wet, water stays there for long to deplete the clarity of driver’s vision on the roads.  If it is night and raining, highways and high beam lamps, you would know how bad it feels to drive.

This is where Tobacco comes for help.  When tobacco is wiped on glass, it gives glass repulsion to water.  Assume that you have wiped a bit of oil on glass and sprinkle water over glass.  You would see that the water droplets are never attached to the glass, rather they roll out faster without disturbing the surface of the glass.  Likewise, tobacco adds a thin layer of protection against water without disturbing the transparency of glass.   So, if it rained, take some tobacco and apply it over the glass, following by wiping the glass with tobacco.  You would witness water droplets running on your windshield rather than sticking on it. 

Disclaimer: Test the acceptance of tobacco on your glass in small scale before applying it in full.  Because tobacco can stain your windshield glass permanently, if inappropriately used.  Also, the application of tobacco is one-time use only.  If it rained very heavily, this trick may not work as the force water would remove the layer created by the application.

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