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Fitting LED Strip to Getz Radiator Grill

August 15th, 2010 No comments

White (Blueish) LED strips with 3M water proof stickers are available for 300-350Rs/30cm.  These LED strips are pretty bright when illuminated and draws lesser power when compared to incandescent lamps.

Step 1: Open the Bonnet of the Car

Step 2: Identify the Parking Lamp + Head Lamp Positioning Motor Power Line

Step 3: Remove the Parking Lamp, Lamp Positioning Motor Power Connector

Step 4: Remove the Connector Shield to find the Power lines

Step 5: Find and Tap the Parking Lamp Line.

Step 6: Put the connector shield back on the connector
Step 7: Put the connector back on the Lamp assembly
Step 8: Turn on Parking Lamp; Hurray LED Strip is AWESOME.

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CRB Plus Vs Active 4T

August 9th, 2010 No comments

I had been using CRB Plus for my Thunderbird bike for the engine compartment and the clutch case. For the gear section I am using a 90 grade oil.  Lately, I found that the clutch case was getting overheated within few minutes.  When I enquired about this to my mechanic, he advised me to try Active 4T oil.  Later that day, the oil from the clutch case was drained and refilled with Active 4T. Wow, the heat dynamics is much better now.  I am able to touch the case with my bare foot even after 1 hour of driving.  Thanks to Active 4T.