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OWS Spark plugs: These tiny fireworks are made with Iridium tips that ensure the fireworks with great health quotient for a long long time.  We call it the life-time plug.  Fit it & forget it; of course the mechanic will clean it when you give your car for servicing! 🙂
Lately, my car that is a Getz GVS 1.1 petrol, was treated with Bardahl engine flush and supplements; Bardahl transmission concentrate; Bardahl engine oil.  After this treatment, the engine was sluggish due to the very-high viscosity of the Bardahl treatment.  When I consulted with the service people, they promised that the performance would become much better once the Bardahl becomes little lighter.  I drove the car for a thousand kilometers and could see some improvements in the way the engine responded but not satisfied at all.

Then, I fitted the Green Cotton replacement filter, which was purchased from to my car.  The response of the engine started to become better but not the best.  I took a ride for about 900 km which included about 80 km hill driving. The ride proved that the free flow cotton filter is indeed working good. 

Following that, I got the OWS Iridium plugs (4 nos) from  Oh My God, the car was never responsive before like now.  I could feel the pickup boosted whenever I put my foot on the accelerator.  The 3rd gear response of the engine has become pretty awesome.  I am really enjoying this now.

Green Cotton Filter: Rs 4200 [got online from, Cochin]
OWS Spark plugs: Rs 755 x 4 = Rs 3050 [Speedworks, Next to Eldorado building, Nungambakkam high Rd, Chennai]