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BSNL Broadband Unlimited usage

Are you a BSNL Broadband user enjoying the 2AM-8AM unlimited access ?  Are you a person who has automated downloads programmed between 2AM – 8AM IST ? Are you seeing higher bill amount despite your carefully planning internet downloads during the unlimited access times ?  You should read this article for sure.

Do you know, you could track your internet usage on daily basis ? If not, register yourself at http://www.data.bsnl.in/. If you send the webmaster an email requesting for user account, you promptly get response within a couple of days with the required credentials.  You could login to the website to check your usage on a daily basis.  Infact, you can see your usage data for the past months also.  It is really very useful.  Alternately you could register your mobile number with BSNL and activate the notification service.   Upon activation, BSNL would send you SMS if your usage crosses the set-limit for your account.  See the following excerpts from BSNL website about this service.

If you are an user of BSNL Broadband and are not on any one of the unlimited plans, then you must keeping tabs on the data usage you have done. But what if you are on the move and not able to access the internet to check the data usage?

Simple, Send an SMS.

Yes, BSNL has now introduced a new feature where in you can now know your broadband usage via SMS.

How to Register for this New Feature?

Just SMS “REG Landline Number” prefixed with your STD code (For Example REG 080 23456789) to the following numbers:

52295: For Bsnl Mobile Customers.

9448077777: For Any Other Mobile Customers other than BSNL.

After Registering your landline number, you will receive a Thank you message and from then onwards, you can check the broadband usage of your account anytime by just sending an SMS.

How to Check the Broadband Usage of My Account?

Just SMS “BBU Landline Number” prefixed with the STD Code (EG BBU 080 23456789) to the following numbers:

52295: For Bsnl Mobile Customers.

9448077777: For Any Other Mobile Customers other than BSNL.

Note: This service is completely free, and you will be charged only for the SMS, based on your operator’s sms charges.

Coming back to the billing issue.  Lately, I noticed that I get very high BSNL broadband usage bills.  I wanted to keep a tab on that and sent a couple of complaint mails to BSNL billing.  But I did not get any response from them.  Following that I registered on the Broadband Usage statistics website mentioned before and was surprised to see that I had indeed used beyond my 2.5Gb limit (I have subscribed to 500C+ plan). 

When I looked the data usage pattern, I could figure out something very interesting about the way BSNL charges.  Consider that I have my automated download scheduled to start at 2:05 AM and stop at 7:55 AM.  I generally keep my machine in Sleep mode and have enabled the Scheduler application to wake up the machine for downloads.  Sometime, I keep the machine on over night.  I figured out that whenever I kept my machine on, I was charged for the usage even for the free-usage timespan.

Consider the case of a machine running over night.  When the machine is running the router to BSNL connection stays in “connected” state.  If the machine was in sleep mode, the connection is “offline” and whenever the machine wakes up, the connection is reestablished.  BSNL has setup the usage measurement exclusion only for the connections started after 2AM. Meaning if a computer was running over night and the connection status is “connected”, one may not get the free usage time-span.  Because the current connection is active and it was started before 2AM and hence the current connection is billable, as per the BSNL usage algorithm. 

The thumbrule here is: “Unlimited usage only for connections start at or after 2AM”.But interestingly, the 8AM connection is correctly handled by BSNL.  If you connection stretches beyond 8AM, the usage is billable for all the bytes transferred from 8AM onwards.

The following are the action points:

  1. Avoid running the computer over night with the connection is “connected state”. Because if the connection stretches beyond 2AM, you would not get the benefit of unlimited usage.
  2. Prefer to put the machine on sleep mode and make the scheduler wake up the machine for running your download tasks.
  3. Make the time of your computer synchronized with a standard time server like in.ntp.pool.org or time.windows.com
  4. Plan to start the download at 2:05 AM and stop at 7:55 AM
  5. Register on http://www.data.bsnl.in and keep a tab on your usage
  6. Register for SMS notification service

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