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BSNL Broadband Connectivity Issue on Noise phone lines

April 10th, 2010 No comments

If you are an exclusive BSNL broadband user, you might not have attached the telephone to the phone line.  I have connected my Netgear modem to the DSL/Phone line splitter and left the other connection floating.  Lately, when I noticed that the Netgear modem was not able to make the connection with BSNL servers, originally I thought the telephone line is dead.  To my surprise the telephone line was fine, but I perceived the lines to be little noisy.  I made a complaint to the BSNL portal and as usual nothing much happened.  Accidently, I had to connect my telephone to the splitter for making a local call.  To surprise, the Netgear modem managed to connect to the server this time.  So, the hypothesis is;

When the telephone line is noisy, attach the telephone to the splitter along with the modem connection to get connected to the BSNL Servers.  Most likely it could be because of the Reactive load offered by the telephone on the phone line ends up conditioning the Phase modulated signals for the Netgear modem to connect to the Servers.

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