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Tamilnadu Cricket Association Team at Bad Conduct ..

December 26th, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

I happen to fly King Fisher airliner from Hyderabad to Chennai (IT 2479 20:20 Departure) on 18th December 2009 along with the Tamilnadu Cricket Association Team (India Cements) cricketers.  I happened to sit very next to the big shots of the team like the Team Co-ordinator Palani (everybody calls him Mama) and Star Cricketer Dinesh Karthik.  Lakshmipathy Balaji (alias Jacque-Pathy; that’s how the others in the team address LB), Anirudha Srikanth and more.

Anirudha (Ani) was teased as Sambar saadam and Urulaikizhanghu kari (guess he loves that!).  Dinesh was teased for his height and he was very furious and spoke filth to scold back.

The language these cricketers use is AWFUL and FILTHY.  It is generally ok to see filth in a group in private.  But, I could not bear the language these cricketers used to scold and make fun of each other.  In the interim they were disturbing the air-hostesses as well, but not aggressively though.  But the air-hostesses of Kingfisher are really good and they handled this crowd with composure.

The co-ordinator guy, Palani; he should weight atleast 150kg was sitting (squeezed inside the seat!) just before me.  He was chewing tobacco (Mawa, in local terms) during the flight and used the barf bag to spit. How awful it could be!!?  But, he speaks good English :).  He always kept his hands wide in the aisle, such the the air-hostesses had to always come and request him to fold his trunk.

Overall, I am not pleased about their behaviour and their language. Having representing the state in the game of cricket, I would have expected them to behave more decently, atleast in public.

I am sure, the guy who took autograph of Dinesh during the start of the flight, would have repented for getting his air-ticket dirty with his signature!! 😀

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