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Netgear Router & BSNL Broadband

November 8th, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

During Raining Days, BSNL broadband line gets little noisy. I used to connect only my router and never my land line phone in the phone line as I use the BSNL telephone line only for Internet access. Lately, I noticed that the Netgear router having difficulty in establishing connection with the BSNL server whenever it was raining or the phone line is noisy. The “i” indicator keeps blinking in ORANGE color and never stabilizes into a GREEN color indication. Having the “i” indicator blink made sure that the link exists. When I wanted to check the condition of the link (telephone line connection), I connected the BSNL telephone to the splitter port which splits the telephone line to the router and the telephone. When I lifted the cradle, I could notice that the telephone line is little noisy. When I was wondering when and how to make the complaint to BSNL, surprisingly the Netgear router made a stable connection with BSNL gateway. I have used this hack several times, whenever the router (modem) had difficulty in establishing connection.

One theory behind this could be the “loading” effect of the telephone on the telephone line which is subsiding the noise ripples coming over the telephone line.

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