Timer Controller for our apartment water pump..

We have a 1.5HP compressor pump for pumping water from 350 feet deep to a 100 feet over head tank.  Since, we have water scarcity through out the year, we run the pump following a timing.  Typically in 24 hours, the pump runs for 6 hours in 1 hour slots spaced by 3 hours for water to accumulate in the borewell.

We have assigned the task of switching on and off the water pump to our security guards.  They are doing a good job in keep the pumps up and running, but sometime they either overrun or underrun the pumps.  Being the technical adviser of the apartment, I had decided to replace the security guards to an automatic timer controller.

I did some investigation about timer controllers via Internet and yellow pages but I was not very successful in finding a single stop solution.  There are many vendor who provide water level controllers, but not the timer controller.  So, I decided to go to Parry’s corner in search of an expert who can do the task for me.  I found a vendor in Thambu Chetty street who gave me the contact phone of a person who does erection of pump controllers.  I called the guy and he said he does not handle timer controller, but definitely give me a call back after consulting with his group.

I continued by search in the street and ended at “Switchgears India”, 149/2 Thambu Chetty Street, Chennai 1 and enquired about timer controllers.  He immediately showed me a product which he claimed to be useful for industrial timed switching purposes.  The guy should be Rajesh Bhandari (9840133670).  He showed me the product named “Frontier Timer TM-619H-2”, which had 8 On and Off timers.  There was another engineer who was sitting there helped me in configuring the timer.  When I tried setting the times, I found it very versatile and immediately useful.  They priced this product at Rs 600 without bill or warranty.  The shopkeeper promised that the product is doing well and he had sold over 1000 pieces.  This product also comes with an internal battery for keeping up with the LCD display and clock feature.

The product showed that it can switch on a 2HP motor directly, which I did not believe.  I guess the internal switching is by a TRIAC semiconductor which may burn out if connected directly to an Inductive load like water pump motor.   The shop keeper insisted me to get a Contactor which is typically a Electro Magnetic Relay to do the switching of the pump.  I asked him to offer a product and he gave me a contactor namely “IDEAL ID1-22 1a1b AC220V 50Hz”, which by the spec should be able to switch even a 5 HP motor.

The contactor that he gave is 3 phase relay, which I could use for a single phase motor.  I connected the L1 to supply and T1 to the motor with neutral short directly; L1 and T1 are in N/O connection.  Similarly the contactor had L2 -> T2 and L3 -> T3 for 3 phase switching. I connected the A1 and A2 of the contactor to the Output of the Timer.  The input of the Timer is connected to LIVE supply.  The contactor also provides a N/C connection which I did not use.

I programmed the timer for 6 time slots and connected the supply and load to the contactor.  It works super cool.

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  1. Great.. I was also looking for these timers exactly for the same purpose and some one who can vouch for them. Thanks.

  2. I would advice use Telemechanic Contactors instead of the “made-in-china” ones given in the blog. The Telemechanic contactors come with relay coil that is replaceable and commonly available in the market. So, go for something where you can get spares in the market, despite a slightly higher price.

  3. Good and very useful article. I was searching for this kind of article and bought the same timer switch for my bore well pump and was wondering how to connect it.

  4. We are the biggest importer of frontier timer, and wide range of products. We are more than 50 years. 3 years back the price of frontier timer was only 450 rs. For any query contact KAMLESH & CO. in 135 lingi chetty st.

  5. Thanks for sharing your contact Sir. What is the price of the timer now? I paid Rs 700/- for the timer 2 weeks before.

  6. I have used the Frontier timer to control lights (frontyard and backard) after reading your article. The timer works like a charm. Programing it is also quite easy. I ordered a batch of three from Mumbai dealer for Rs. 550/- each in 2010 (Rs. 50 for delivery for the package).

  7. Impressive Raghav. But beware, these timers if the frequency of operation (on and off) is more than 5 times a day, they typically live for an year or 2. But, for the automation and peace of mind, it is worth the money invested. best wishes.

  8. Can you please give me the address and telephone number of the agent in Mumbai who can supply this timer. I have a similar problem here in our society. My contact address is Kamath@hotmail.com ( telephone no 022 28401936 Thanks- Regards Kamath

  9. Sir, I think you can contact Mr Kunal, who has commented in this blog post for the supplier detail in Mumbai.

  10. Mr Kunal, Mr Kamath (Kamath@hotmail.com/ +91 22 28401936) wants some help regarding the procurement of the timers for Mumbai deployment. If you could, can you please help him?

  11. 2 Jan 2013

    Dear Sir,

    Can you please be kind enough to give me the contact E Mail address or telephone no of Mr Kunal so that I can write to him for assistance.


    Wish you a very Happy New Year.


    Dr. V. G. Kamath
    bombay. INDIA
    e mail : Kamath@hotmail.com
    Phone No (91)(22) 2840 1936

    Subject: [sudarsunsanthiappan] Re: Timer Controller for our apartment water pump..