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Lately, I was wondering how to generate random numbers without
seeding. Oh man, I could not think of randomness with a random seeding.
Now, I am realizing that random numbers cannot be generated without the
impregnation of a random entity. Generally we use the the current time
(in seconds) for the seeing purpose.

Ok, does the above mean
something else in real life ? Does it mean that there is nothing called
randomness ? Does it mean that anything and everything can be described
by a Generative model (A Generative model tries to establish the entire
distribution based only on the parameters that generate the
distribution; for example words generate documents and topics generate
words ) ? I remember hearing something about chaos theory which
dictates that behind any chaos, there exists a pattern. So, is our life
like a flowchart with the next steps hidden ? Are we calling this
flowchart the fate of life ?

Are we calling people who have
realized these patterns of life as Gods ? What are the ways to learn
these patterns by oneself ? Can one learn and accept his own pattern of
life ? Are we calling this learning process as the salvation ? If there
exists a generator function behind everylife, who decides on the
generator function ? Can one decide his own generator ? Do we call this
as winning one’s fate ?

If every life is like a flowchart, what
is the beginning and what is the end ? Will we have recursions and
loops in the flowchart ? Are we calling every loop in the flowchart as
one life ? If so, does one exist across multiple births and deaths ? If
so, who is that one ? If we agree on the loops, does the generator
function maximize or minimize our stay in this world ? What is the loop
termination condition? Is that a likelihood? How are we deciding the
likelihood of life? Are we comparing the actual living and ideal living
? What is ideal living ? Is Ideal living a process of learning and
accepting the generator function ? Will one stay quiet if the generator
function is learnt and accepted ? Can the generator function be also
called the destiny ? Does it mean if one knows the destiny, he becomes
quiet ? May be..

Ok, If living in the world is not the ideal
living, should we call this world as a punishment bench ?
Optimistically, shall we call it a training centre ? What is the real
purpose of this generator function ? From the above I can understand
that I am responsible for my own re-birth. Can there be no re-births at
all ? If the reason for re-birth is me, what is the reason for my first
birth ? Moreover, why was many first births (meaning many parallel
co-existed souls) ? And when all the loops of all the souls are ended,
what is next ? Is that the real doom’s day ? Am I going beyond the
scope of what I am ? Is my generator function designed to make me ask
these questions? May be..

  1. chinnichinniasha
    December 12th, 2008 at 18:10 | #1

    If every life is like a flowchart, what is the beginning and what is the end ? (I am just explaining about life)

    There is nothing like randomness in the life. Everything is perfectly ordered. Did you see the natural entities (inanimate) like air,sky,and water are random? For our perception its pretty much plain and ordered. Similarly animated entities like human beings are also defined in plain order, not in random order. We shouldn’t say that our life is existed and going on just like that and or by chance.
    The time at which we fell on the land(birth), we are also like natural entity(static). There on we try to become random(in thinking)instead of in order influenced by the already random surroundings. Where is the randomness? Its there in our thinking and perception. If thinking is proper that forms the good pattern and these patterns will be placed in right order right? If thinking(people behavior) is random patterns also will be random. If it is random we try to make them in order by applying logic. If it is in right order, there is no need of logic. Similarly our life is also perfectly in order Initially and it has meaning.

    For example… what is beauty? the object which is molded in perfect order(not randomly) right? If it is in random(disorder).. it’ll not beautiful right? If we shuffle the object randomly, it ‘ll become disorder and not beautiful..if we apply the ordered logic,by ordered people(in thinking), we can see the right patterns in right order. Then it make sense. similarly life also has meaning if we are in order. Life is nothing but well ordered(meaningful) straight line, not a cycle.If we are in proper order, we can form a straight line where it starts at one point and ends at another point(to see the end points we should be in order). otherwise we’ll form a cycle.

    I think this is text mining section of a blog. Here you are describing about patterns,randomness and logics for what?
    I think to get the proper order(logic) which make sense right. Why are you looking for order? because text is in random order. Why text is in random order? because people are thinking in random order, there be representation in random order.If they think in proper order then there is no need of logic,baysian etc etc.
    Means people need to live in order.That is a life, then we can easily know that start and end points.

    One more point is that.. If you think in proper order(logic),and orderly trace back you ‘ll know whose comment it is..


  2. Meena
    January 27th, 2009 at 20:26 | #2

    Your thoughts are in-line with “Many Lives Many masters” by Brian Weiss – suggest you read the book to get more clarity on your life search.

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