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Psalms 51:17

Recently I came across this phrase on the backside of a car.

“கடவுளுக்கு ஏற்ற பலி நொறுங்கிய நெஞ்சமே, சங் 51:17”

“The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit;
a broken and contrite heart, O God, you will not despise – Psalms 51:17″

Wow, what a coincidental message ? I immediately called a Christian friend and asked for the explanation preached in bible school. Surprisingly I got a different explanation than the one I had been through. In philosophy, the ultimatum is the understanding of Adwaitha. I have always known Jesus christ as a great Adwaitist. Although the religions are different, the philosophies were always co-linear.

Adwaitham says there is no difference between the soul and supremacy, all we should do is identify the supremacy in oneself. Jesus has always quoted “Father” as the supremacy, but finally became the “Father” which is an analogy of an arbitrary soul getting merged back to the supremacy. The base line of adwaitha is “One is All, All is One”, (i.e) everything are the images of the One and One is everything. Once one understands that all that one sees are images of oneself, there stops the ego, there comes the salvation. Ego is the reason for desires. Desires lead to rebirth. Salvation cuts this cycle and gives one the ultimate freedom from life.

Getting back to the phrase from Bible (the Tamil version). It says that the best sacrifice that can be given to God is the extinction of the mind. “கடவுள்” means “உள்ளுக்குள் கடந்து செல்”. One should travel inside oneself to identify the ego. Identification of ego ends with killing of the mind. A mind is a bundle of thoughts. Thoughtlessness is God which is otherwise called “Brahmam”. Everyone experiences “Brahmam” in their everyday life. The experience happens between the transition one from thought to another thought. So when the thoughts are killed, one will be filled with only Brahmam which makes one God, otherwise salvation. Jesus says the same thing in this phrase where he says the best sacrifice you give to God is give your mind. Upon the best sacrifice to God (if at all you see him different from you), God owes you salvation! “நொறுங்கிய நெஞ்சமே” does not mean a broken heart or mind, instead it means a mind which is killed or thoughtlessness.

The amazing phrase is the baseline for any version of spiritual philosophy from any religion. Jesus has always been so kind to the common man in making him understand the ultimate philosophy of salvation. If one understand the real meaning of Jesus doctrines, one can understand that there is no difference between any religion per
say. After all, religion guides one to the ultimatum, salvation from life.

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