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Mr Jayachandran, JE/Avadi BSNL Exchange

I solemnly agree that there are few passionate people in public service departments. I reside at Thirumullaivoyil which comes under the control of Avadi Township. I had recently applied for BSNL broadband connection, which took little more than a month to really materialize. The broadband department of Avadi Exchange was quick, but the Linemen and the Broadband servicemen were poor. The guy who had come for installation knew nothing about broadband connection. But he was boasting that he is the incharge of all broadband activities. Poor we!

Though, it had taken little extra time, it was really worth waiting for. The speed of BSNL broadband is awesome. While checking the download speed, the ticker showed more than 1.6Mbps. Hmm, all these excitements shattered on day 3. The telephone line went dead. I had made complaints through all possible channels viz. BSNL portal, via 198 AVR, and also
through the customer care centre of Avadi Exchange. It is more than a week now, and there is no improvement to this.

But like a ray of hope, I got hold of the BSNL JE’s office number. The JE is Mr. Jayachandran. This man is very different from another government employees. I was told that the JE would respond to customer problems ASAP. I had to try several times to get the number connected. At around 11 AM, I got lucky to get the JE on phone. To my surprise, this man is really different. He heard my problem patiently and instantly gave orders to the field people (I was able to hear him calling the Linemen by name to fix the problem immediately). It was like breeze to see a public service person in action. I thanked him several times to have responded very fast.

But, when I came back home, to my surprise the phone line is still dead. Most likely it should be the mistake of the Lineman again. Even though the service call is not completed, I am not getting frustrated. It is just because the way Mr. Jayachandran acted so responsibly.

Mr. Jayachandran, JE BSNL Avadi Exchange, may be contacted at 044-20029423. He comes to office only at 10.00AM Monday-Saturday.

Update 27.01.2009
1. JE’s number has changed to 044-26383456
2. Thirumullaivoyil::CholambeduMainRoad Line man’s number is 044-20006064

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