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Lord Shiva, The Terminator


In hindu religion, there are there primary Gods, Brahma the creator; Vishnu the protector; Shiva the terminator. Ofcourse there are humpty number of add-0n Gods who are somehow related to the primary ones like wife, son, sister, brother, onnu-vitta periyappa, mama, machan, etc. Brahma used to have temples for people to worship in the very olden days (I dont know which yeon it is!). Vishnu is otherwise called Mayan (the illusionist!). As per someone’s philosophy, life is an illusion and one should know the way out of it which we call the Salvation. May be since Vishnu is the protector of illustionary world, he is called Mayan.

Coming to our hero. Lord Shiva is a very romantic God. The entire kamasutra is based on how Shiva made love with his wife Parvati. Shiva is the almighthy who serves as the root for all the other Gods. Shiva is generally told to be a tougher God to impress and get our desires gratified. Shiva is also the terminator of life. In other words, Shiva is the salvager to give us Salvation; the greatest help in life.

Saints and Devils are treated equal by Shiva, afterall who ever lives in this world and worlds above should find their destiny at the foot of Lord Shiva. The deed termination should not be taken literally. Shiva is not the terminator of existor, he is the terminator of existance. There is a general saying that Sleep is temporary death and Death is permanent Sleep. This funny phrase has lot of indepth meaning in it. When you decode it, you would find that life is just a dream. One should understand it and wake up. Death is just a begining – this is another popular phrase. There is no real need to get scared about death. Infact it leads back to our original home which is the supremacy, the ultimatum. We are just threads spawned our of the supremo to satisify our desires. Till the desires are satisfied, the threads are in the running state. Even if the thread is terminated physically due to aging or faults, the thread is respawned by the supremo. After the supreme, Lord Shiva is very generous.

Buddha said desire is the root of all miseries. One who does not have any desire will return back home faster. That’s is all it means. One who develops more desires, will have to run longer in the thread pool where contention for resources is always natural. When you see other threads, they might appear different but eventually spawned from the ONE, the supremacy, Lord Shiva. So, there should be no point in fighting with others (in fact others are variants of you incidently!). It is like fighting to your own self.

One fine day, one should realize the purpose of this living and try to go over it. There are many co-existers in this world who had done it successfully. Buddha is one of them. Self-realization is what it is all about.

  1. Meena
    January 27th, 2009 at 20:35 | #1

    A nerd masquerading as a philospher or vice-versa – whichever! Your desc is definitely a more colorful and easier interpretation of life.

    On a slightly deviating note, these days i hear a lot of such computer lingo laced metaphors drawn. For eg., a friend, when asked abt his recent fatherhood, described his child’s daily activities as “input-output”.

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