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Half Clutch

A motorcycle rider’s attitude could be easily
guessed by checking the clutch setting in his motorbike. There are
generally two modes of clutch setting, a half clutch, a full clutch.

brush up, clutch is a device that controls the amount of power
transferred from the engine to the rear wheel. Generally clutch device
is made of multiple discs called wet plates
and power is transmitted across these plates by friction. The clutch
lever on the left hand side controls the amount of friction and hence
the power transmitted. When one fully pulls the lever, the clutch
plates move away from eachother and no power transmitted. On the other
hand, when the clutch lever is released fully, maximum friction is
available amidst the plates and maximum power transfer. The magic is
how good one is, in handling the clutch to get the maximum out of the
bike, be it 100cc or 1500cc.

Half clutch is a
setting, where a full pull of the clutch lever does not pull the clutch
plates far away. So effectively, the operating range of the clutch
lever is so small. Even when the lever is released a little, one can
see the rear wheel starts rolling.

If you check
the bikes of boys vrrooomming in the signals like rockets, they would
have half clutch or even smaller. Boys with half clutch have a fast and
furious attitude. They need everything on their plate faster. These
guys cannot wait for anyone. These guys are performers given
opportunity. These boys are quick witted and even some of them are
impulsive too.

On the other hand, the full
clutch boys are patient movers. They take their time to do things.
These guys are steady and focussed. If you take a statistics across age
groups, full clutch setting would be opted by a lot of middle aged men,
who are good in decision making, logical thinking. These boys can wait
for their best catch. It is pretty difficult to make these boys angry.

respect of biking, half clutch boys outperform full clutch boys
significantly. The reason is full clutch will not let the bike to
perform to its fullest. One should not forget the half clutch ruins the
clutch plates and engine gears faster.

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